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About me

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Hello & Welcome,


My name is Xavier Topakian and I love photography and the technical aspects of it

My photographic first steps were argentic with the magic to see the editions showing themselves in the adiactinic light.

My studies then my professional activities slips away for a time this interest.

In 2007, the purchase of my first digital camera, with a quality equivalent to the argentic, made me dive back into this wonderful passion associating the research of the subject, the shooting itself and the sharing of the captured moment.

My tastes carry me towards portraits and animal photographs, and now more recently towards the Very High Speed Photography.

It allows one to seize what the eye cannot record, every photo is a discovery, the collisions of drops managing even to recreate figures or animals.

Of course, this kind of photography requires important technical means (shooting at about 1/30.000th of a second), in view to obtain a "fresh and light" result, realized without any special effect.

The series "Volutes" is, for its part, made with acrylic paint sprayed in a liquid. The colors mix, giving birth to new effects ....

It is this poetry created by Nature that I am happy to share with you.

The very important post-processing work is done by my wife Catherine Ermakoff (http://kat.piwigo.com/)

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